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As IT Departments become the decision makers of all technology in their organization, Kayebal's founder, Edward Baliton envisioned building an IT-centric AV business model over traditional AV business.


Prior to Kayebal Ed spent 16 years in the Information Technology field with his most recent postion as Vice President of Corporate IT for a global professional services organization.  A part of Ed's responsibilities was to oversee the company's Audiovisual and Video Security initiatives.  Ed brings many years of IT and Project Management experience meeting goals in small to large scale projects.


"With the evolution of technology, the integration of AV and IT has become a critical part of any successful Audiovisual project.  Businesses depend on their AV infrastructure as a form of communication and collaboration within their own organization along with their current and potential clients.  AV designers and integrators today must have working knowledge in both fields.- Ed Baliton


Kayebal Solutions put together a team experts in the Audiovisual and the IT industry.  The combination of talented professionals has created a solid approach to how we service our clients.

Kayebal is committed to providing customer driven technology solutions   Our goal is to bring quality professional services to achieve the highest satisfaction to each project we are involved in.

Edward J Baliton Sr.
Founder & Principal


Clients & Partners

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